Reimaging the AUSA Conference & EXPO. 

AUSA’s purpose in sponsored events is to provide an optimal prospect engagement and networking environment while maintaining our commitment to respecting our members’ privacy.

The recent pandemic has pushed us to rethink the AUSA conference experience and how we engage and connect with our members entirely. While we hope that in the not too distant future we will be returning to hosting conferences, We understand that our future conferences may require a blend of experiences - face-to-face, virtual or a combination of both - so in the meantime, we are using this time to develop a conference platform that is capable of integrating seamlessly for our future events. 

AUSA Conferences are designed to showcase thought leadership and best practices associated with the Utility Industry.  Our events have a long-standing reputation of being gatherings of leading expert practitioners and utility leaders to share their experience and knowledge. AUSA members are the core of our event presenters, and they participate in not only their own sessions but throughout the entire event.  This contributes to the networking opportunities for all event participants and the community atmosphere at AUSA events.

Part of our strategy includes designing partnerships that allow you to get closer to existing and potential customers, to demonstrate how you can help them navigate this crisis and beyond through credible, compelling solutions and real-life stories. We invite you to join us and our members on the journey.

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