About Us



(formerly Arizona Utilities Supervisors Association)

The American Utilities Service Association was formed to promote positive relationships and continuity of practice among member utilities throughout the State of Arizona and North America.

The American Utilities Service Association (AUSA) is a non-profit organization comprised of Arizona utility members, a volunteer Board of Directors and valued utility partners. AUSA membership includes utility leaders from areas such as line, safety, design and construction personnel from peer utilities in North America. 

AUSA hosts an annual meeting for its members and utility partners. We invite  guest speakers and subject matter experts (most of whom volunteer their time) on a broad range of topics to inform members of new or ongoing developments within the industry. We leverage member expertise to share trends and their knowledge to improve safety awareness.

As a rule our member companies can all operate in good conditions and nice weather. We are looking for new tools, products, clothing, and equipment to make the tough projects safer and more efficient. We ask our members to come with the intention of looking for solutions to specific problems. We encourage an exchange of ideas on common problems related to equipment, tools, material and changing regulations.

We ask our exhibitors to find solutions to problems facing member companies in common tasks and unique situations. The exhibitors are also focused on remote, limited access sites or difficult conditions with their displays.


We endeavor to keep our members informed of innovative industry technology and fast-breaking changes within our unique markets. We share a dedication to quality in our individual companies and bring this same dedication to this organization. The AUSA organization links all levels of utility leaders into one harmonious group in order to support each member company in the challenges we all face in the utility industry.